Back to School Eye Exams

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June 17, 2014 by BA Eye Site

Back to School Eye Exams:

Getting supplies, clothes and schedules all worked out for the back to school rush can be daunting. There are often many over looked items that go unfilled or belated. Dr. Ozment of the BA Eye Site recommends an eye exam at least yearly for school aged kids. The sooner a vision problem is identified and treated, the more likely treatment will be successful. Studies show that 85% of children start school without ever having an eye exam.

Over 80% of learning is visual, and sending kids off to school with improper vision correction can lead to that child falling behind in class. Healthy eyes and clear vision is key to accomplishments in the classroom. There are many demands on vision, such as reading, writing and computer assignments, which children are expected to perform daily.  July and August are great times to schedule the kids for their eye exams, and get them visually prepared for the coming school year.

While gathering new lunch boxes, backpacks, highlighters, paper, pencils, notebooks, hand sanitizer, clothes and shoes take the time to make the most vital aspect of your child’s education experience clear, make and keep an appointment to have their eye checked. The percentage of students who are suffering from undiagnosed problems with eyesight is shockingly large. Over 60% of children classified as students with learning-disabilities actually suffer from undetected vision troubles.

While schools offer vision screenings throughout the school year for select grades, these screenings should not take the place of a comprehensive eye exam. An exam by an optometrist can catch warning signs of vision problems that may not be detected by a vision screening.

Dr. Matthew Ozment on Google+!


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